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Jakks Pacific, Inc., known informally as Jakks, is an American company known primarily for marketing and designing children's toys, as well as other consumer products. Founded in 1995, the company is named for its founder Jack Friedman, who also founded two other companies - LJN and THQ - that began as toy companies, and presided over the company until his death in May 2010. The company has licensed Nintendo's brand among various others for toy production.

Jakks Pacific began producing toys and other products for Mario and other Nintendo franchises as early as 2014 under the "World of Nintendo" series label, releasing the products in "waves". The first set of toys included New Super Mario Bros. U mini figure sets, "Micro Land" playsets, Nintendo plushes, and Mario Kart 7 Coin Racers.[1][2]

Mario Jakks Pacific products

Action Figures


Coin Racers

Shock Racers

Coin Racers

RC Racers

Micro Land


Micro Land figures


Sports Equipment

Other playsets

Other toys


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