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Hello people. This is my lovely subpage where I store all of my old 'Shroom sections. I hope you like them!

Past Sections

May 18, 2013


Located in the dark, damp, musty sewers of Rogueport, this run-down little shop has quite a few amazing items, but most of them aren't exactly what you'd call "cheap"; if you're on a budget, stay away! The shop owner, a young female Toad, says the reason her items are so expensive is "because, um, I just recently opened, and, um, I need money for myself and my family." I think she might not be the most confident person...

Anywho, let's get down to the items. Every single one of these babies can't be found anywhere else, unless you defeat an enemy and you're lucky enough to get one. Let's take a look-see;

  • Slow Shroom TTYD.png - Slow Shroom; These oddly-colored mushrooms are far from disgusting; they actually act like medicine, healing you a bit with every single bite! Cost; 15 coins.
  • Gradual Syrup TTYD.png - Gradual Syrup; This syrup of unknown origin is said to have an almost-magical effect on plants when a few drops are sprinkled on them. It's also great for pancakes! Cost; 15 coins.
  • Ultra Shroom TTYD.png - Ultra Shroom; I guarantee you this will be the best mushroom you've ever tasted. Warm, shroomy flavor, buttery coating, amazing uses... extremely healthy... -drool- Cost: 200 coins.
  • Jammin Jelly TTYD.png - Jammin' Jelly; Made from the sweetest, ripest, best-tasting fruits, you will never, not once, be disappointed with a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich if you have this! Cost; 200 coins.
  • Gold Bar SPM.png - Gold Bar; Rumor has it that these came from a haunted mansion, and someone in green used them to build another one... Either way, these babies are worth LOTS. Cost; 110 coins.
  • Gold Bar x3 SPM.png - Gold Bar x3; Three gold bars that are worth even more than just one. How creative, just put three things in one and it's automatically a new item... woo hoo. Cost; 350 coins.

And that is all for this shop. Before I sign off, I heard from an anonymous source that if you mix an Ultra Shroom (-drool-) and a Jammin' Jelly, you'll get something amazing... Well, I'll find out later. This has been Goomba, signing out!

April 20, 2013


Found in the western edge of the lovely city of Rogueport, Westside Goods is a small, but amazing shop run by Peeka, one of Don Pianta's right hand men (or women in this case). Here, you can find several helpful items at a guaranteed low, low price! Here's a short summary of the items on sale;

Life Shroom TTYD.png Life Shroom; Feeling like you're literally about to die? Pick one of these up, and you'll be up and alert in no time at all! Cost; 50 coins.
Super Shroom TTYD.png Super Shroom; A delicious, healthy mushroom! Stock up on these and you might become immortal! Cost; 20 coins.
Dried Shroom TTYD.png Dried Shroom; A particularly rancid-tasting mushroom. They're rarely eaten, but are awesome when used for pranks! Cost; 2 coins.
File:VoltShroom SPM.png Volt Shroom; Wanting to rekindle that spark of love with your man or lady? These shrooms will do just that! and possibly electrocute your man or lady Cost; 10 coins.
Thunder Bolt TTYD.png Thunder Bolt; Feeling groggy in the morning and don't have time to make coffee? Thunder Bolts will wake you right up with a small zap! Cost; 10 coins.
Dizzy Dial TTYD.png Dizzy Dial; Hold it up to your enemies to make their heads spin! (literally) But be careful, hold it for too long, and it'll be like you just touched a Fuzzy! Cost; 12 coins.

And that is it for the great stock at Westside Goods. More information about other shops in other areas (or even dimensions) coming up in the next issue. This has been Goomba, signing out!