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My name is Learn_How_To_Punctuate. I joined this wiki so that I could correct some of the egregious punctuation and spelling errors that I found here in Super Mario Wiki.

Whether you're writing in a personal blog or for a newspaper, you should take care to follow basic rules of punctuation and grammar. This shows respect for the people who read your work - even if your writing audience consists only of two people.

These basic rules of punctuation are not rocket science. They include:

o Not writing run-on sentences.
o Not adding apostrophes where they don't belong.

Example: The sentence is properly written "It's (It is) cold in the winter", not "Its (possessive) cold in the winter". The sentence is properly written "Its (possessive) hands were covered with grime", not "It's (It is) hands were covered with grime".

Know the difference between your (possessive) and you're (you are).

Possessive: use an apostrophe (ie: Mark's book). Plural: don't use an apostrophe (ie: It's not "The dealership has seven Ford's" but "The dealership has seven Fords"). "CD's" is not correct. "CDs" is correct.

o Use semicolons properly. Don't just slap them into run-on sentences indiscriminately. This is correct: "I went to the swimming pool; it was closed for repairs". This is not: "I went to the swimming pool, it was closed for repairs". o Spell words correctly. If you don't know how to spell it, look it up!.

Following these basic rules not only establish you as a proper speaker and user of your native language, but it shows your readers that you have enough respect for them to write correctly.

Problems? Questions? Comments? Criticism? Contact me.

Thank you.