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Hello Super Mario Wiki! I'm Lcc98-darn I want to change that bac to my google URL!Anyway, I am the biggest (for my age) mario fan ever!!! I have so many games but let me give the low-down on them-

Super Mario bros. 3=

(Advance veirsion) is Be-e-e-e-e-awesome!! It is a classic for a classic.

Super Mario 64

Awesome game- first (excluding SMRPG)home system 3d video game ever (In the Mario series. Shigaru, you never dissapoint!

Super Mario Sunshine

Might I say.. pretty COOL! Mario finally gets his classic look and the games get thier feel.But is FLUDD a boy or girl? (guess: Male)

Super Mario Galaxy

Whoa! Just..WHOA!!! I have to get the sequal!

New Super Mario bros.wii

Koopalings? Bowser Jr? Bowser? Airships? New? Super Mario bros? Wii? Spectacular!

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Where's Miyamoto?! I need to give him a hug!!

(My favorite) Super Mario 3D Land

Finally the tanooki suit returns! I have won the whole game in only a week! Special world(s),Star medals, bosses and every thing else. (I wish they didn't change the beta version of world 2-1, It's not as fun.) It is The BEST GAME EVER!!! Wait I missed the real one in time square! Awe-man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!