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I'm a fan of all Mario Villians it seems. MY favorites are Boos, King Boo, Bowser, Doopliss, and Blumiere. I like watching old japanese mario cartoons and my favorite Mario game is Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door, since I haven't been able to complete it yet and I have others. Out of my favorite character, I would have to say my most favorite is between King Boo, Bowser, and Doopliss. I am a writter and enjoy listening to mario theme music to get new ideas for short stories. I dream to be a game designer for Nintendo one day, though there is a small chance of that happening. I am a pro gamer with pretty good equipment. I am a very peaceful person who doesn't like to cause trouble and I hope that I never make anybody feel that way. I am glad to state that I am a Christian and that I am always willing to help anyone here that may have some questions about the Characters from Mario. Out of all the heroes, I have to say Luigi is my favorite because he reminds me of myself. That includes the fact that I am very clumsy but instead of being afraid of ghosts, I am scared of spiders (I'm arachniphobic or however you spell it.) I'm not afraid of much else except for high places. That's why I would rather sail across the ocean than fly in an airplane. I am not afraid of snakes or anything else for that matter. In case there is anyone who may not understand english I speak french fluently and I know a little spainish, japanese, and chinese.I love old Mario games like Paper Mario, Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Bros.If you need anything, just ask! If you watch, I am jesusestmonami and I would be glad to be friends with you! Take care everyone and God Bless!!!! --<<Super Doopliss Fan>> 16:40, 18 October 2008 (EDT)Last2dream