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I am Landfish7. This is my third wiki-based thing that I have been on. I have been on wikipedia and more commonly bulbapedia. If you want my contact and I am not around, I might be on those websites.

  • Please do not vandalize pages and treat talk pages as chat rooms.


I'm Landfish7, I live in a family of 6 and we have 2 pets. I have been editing wiki's for 2 years and still need some training. If I violate any rules please inform me immediately.

Please tell me if I have:

  • Not capitalised in the right spot on an article.
  • Not spelled something right in an article.
  • If my usage of words don't make sense.
  • If I have a punctuation problem.
  • If I have posted something based on speculation and/or original research.

And anything else that seems unordinary

Talk Pages

Only write things that are based on facts and something productive. Also, please do not write a comment saying sorry for doing something wrong if I reprimand you.

Talk pages are NOT chat rooms. I am not willing to respond to anything that you say that isn't productive or isn't fact.

If I say something on your talk page please respond on MY talkpage. It makes things easier for me, because then I know if I have a reply. If I write something on an article's talkpage respond on THE ARTICLE'S talk page. I usually watch talk pages of article's I put comments on so I will usually know if it has been edited.

Thank You