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Yoob's smaller form, in comparison to Yoshi.

Status: AASLAKABMWAKAKG, this is a abbreviation that you'll never know what it is lololol

i was banned by no reason.

i have this games -melee -panel de pon -that game where yoob appears -Hannah Montana: World Tour Spotlight -Dancing Stage: Mario Mix -Sonic R -Nights -Final fantasy -lara croft tomb raider 1 -crash -Gex the Gecko


-Game Cube -Wii -playstation 1 -saturn -ds (2004)

I'm here too


I don't want a person seeing my page

I've heard about a spammer called Kool_Kuppa known as Basya Wallikca. STAY AWAY FROM MY PAGE!!

Nintendo Game Cube Shrine

My page is dedicated to the Nintendo Game Cube (not to be mistaken with a cool person from UnMario called User: Nintendo Game Cube)