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Hello, My role on this wiki is to find out any errors in the pages made, and if there is any constructable things that could be useful to the article. I will also creat new pages that contain imprtant information or is something new that people will want to know about. For example a new main character or a subspecies to goombas. If anyone has any problems with any of my edits I beg you to inform me. If I don't respond to something on the talk page for a while come to my talk page and I will fix my mistake. If I make any problems with my contributions do NOT be affraid to tell me. I will NOT get mad. When at the appropriate time I will participate in any debates but if it involves one of my contributions be prepared for me to respond gently and not harshly.

Debates I Am Participating In

I have recently started a debate on the talk page for the Koopa Kid article. If you have any interest in this debate feel free to participate.