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Status: Nothing much, playing Metroid Prime 2 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl while I wait for HG and SS. Gimme your friend code if you wanna brawl.

{{character-infobox |image=File:Ludwig NSMBWii.png |full_name=Cookie van Koopa |first_appearance=Super Mario Bros. 3

|species=[[Koopa] |affiliation=Koopalings, Bowser |latest_appearance= IN YOUR MIND!... Duh }}

“This is a fun game called.. STUFF YOUR FURNITURE DOWN THE DRAIN!!”
Cookie van Koopa, The adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

Hi guys am cookie van koopa and am Ludwig's Biggest fan!!

Cookie Van Koopa's Favorite Games

(In no certain order) Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time,Mario Kart wii,Super mario galaxy,mario strikers charged football,Luigi's Mansion,Super Smash Bros. Brawl


Favorite Characters

Dance Party

The Bowser Jr. Gallery



Ooh his hands are in fire so he'll provably burn up and Die!!! Image:Mgttbowserjr1.PNG|
He did not actually got a par someone photoshopped that in Image:MPTBOWSERJR.PNG|
What an idiot he's trying to paint the air.. Image:MSSBBBOWSERJR.PNG|
Hahahaha they stroke him out!!! Image:MarioHoopsWin.PNG|
No he did not won someone added a sprite of him in there... Image:Msc bowserjrairintro.jpg|
Stop sleeping at job you idiot! Image:MarioBaseballWii 4.jpg|
I already told ya to stop trying to paint the air!!!! Image:Bowser Bowserjrkart.jpg|
Bowser: What are you pointing at, son? Bowser Jr: The air.. it's Moving! Bowser: Moron Image:Strikers Bowserjr.PNG|
Great you woke up but now you're dancing what the heck do i have to do to make you play!?!?!? Image:NSMBwii BowserJr..jpg|
That's actually Bowser's Koopa Clown Car you thief! GO AND GET YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!