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Hello! I'm a huge fan of mario games. The reason I joined this wiki is because I enjoyed looking up hints and decided that I wanted to help.


My Game Reviews

Comment #
Horrible 0.0-2.0
Average 2.1-4.5
Good 4.6-7.0
Great 7.1-9.0
Excellent 9.1-10.0


Game Completion Rating Description
Yoshi's Island
Complete 9.2 A great game with moderate graphics that showcases the amazing Yoshi.
Mario & Luigi: Superstar saga
Incomplete 6.7 It was fine for the first but it wasn't the best.
Wario Land 4
Complete 6.5 A game with average graphics that has fine bosses and enemies.


Game Completion Rating Description
Mario Kart: Double Dash
Incomplete 8.8 Well planned with many neat cart and character options.
Super Mario Strikers
Incomplete 7.4 It could have been better but it was a great game.
Super Mario Sunshine
Incomplete 9.7 One of the best games every made.


Game Completion Rating Description
Super Mario 64 DS
Incomplete 7.8 The graphics are fine as well as the music.