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Hello! I'm a huge fan of mario games. The reason I joined this wiki is because I enjoyed looking up hints and decided that I wanted to help.


My Game Reviews

Comment #
Horrible 0.0-2.0
Average 2.1-4.5
Good 4.6-7.0
Great 7.1-9.0
Excellent 9.1-10.0


Game Completion Rating Description
Yoshi's Island
Complete 9.2 A great game with moderate graphics that showcases the amazing Yoshi.
Mario & Luigi: Superstar saga
Incomplete 6.7 It was fine for the first but it wasn't the best.
Wario Land 4
Complete 6.5 A game with average graphics that has fine bosses and enemies.


Game Completion Rating Description
Mario Kart: Double Dash
Incomplete 8.8 Well planned with many neat cart and character options.
Super Mario Strikers
Incomplete 7.4 It could have been better but it was a great game.
Incomplete 9.7 One of the best games every made.


Game Completion Rating Description
Super Mario 64 DS
Incomplete 7.8 The graphics are fine as well as the music.