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Hello, I'm JumboDS64. I joined in like 2011 but generally haven't been very active at all. Heck, for the longest time, this page just said "Hi!"! Reading about the rich history of the Super Mario Wiki and its community encouraged me to put a little more effort into my userpage.


Drawing: I do this quite often.
Pixel art: It's like drawing, but smaller and more controlled.
Digital music composition: I use programs such as MilkyTracker and Renoise to make neato music.
Creature costumery: I made a Feraligatr costume for NYCC 2017. (Nobody noticed that, due to time-crunching, I forgot one of the nostrils (and the waist-pads, and other things. I'm working on getting better at finishing things on time.)) (Thanks for informing me that "costumery" is a word, computer.)
Very casual RPing: A minor interest. Mostly have only done it with some closish internet friends.

Series I like

Super Mario: The 3D games especially.
Various older cartoons from time to time (I go through phases of obsessing over and illegally watching online different ones.)