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Hey Random user or non-user(if your a non-user get a user!!!) you have selected my page Jman2401 Why have you picked this? Just felt like searching random stuff? well as long as your a user I am alright.

I have been a fan since I was given a 118 games in 1 and Super Mario Bros. was on it, since then I've been getting Mario games, playing them and loving every minute. Also I like knowing stuff like things others would have to reread to remember.

Simple sum up: I LIKE MARIO!!!!! Don't take it the way as an obsession. Anyway you will find me on this site sometimes peaking things or adding.

So I end this here. Now, simple things you need to do. 1. GET A USER NOW!!! or if you have one Use it to expand your knowledge. 2. Have fun 3. Don't make mistakes

Yours sincerely(if I spelt that right i hope O_O) Jman2401 P.S 2401 is on Super Mario 64 saying l is real 2401. it means paper mario if your wondering (2401 is the date of Paper Mario 64) P.SS(If that exsists) <(O_O<) <(O_O)> (>O_O)> Kirby dance(I FELT LIKE IT)