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Here is a list of my top 5 favorites of things. Top 5 favorite characters:

Yoshi!my favorite character
Baby mario.So cute!
Luigi! the lesser loved bro.
Wario!Rough and tough!
Mario!The original popular bro!

Top 5 enemies:

File:Mk7 bob-omb.jpg
Bob-omb!The explosive ball!
Shy guy! The shy masked enemy!
Piranha plant!The evil flower!
Chain-chomp!The freaky ball on a chain!
Lakitu!The spiny throwing koopa on a cloud!

Top 5 favorite games:

Super mario bros.3
super mario 3d land
Mario kart wii
Super paper mario!
New super mario bros. wii

Top 5 favorite power-ups:

File:TanookiMario SMB3.jpg
the tanooki suit!
the propeller mushroom!
the blue shell!
the invincibility star!
File:SMG BooSuit.jpg
boo mushroom!


ZapMarioZap!.gif Yoshi 4.gif