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Jirico Mikamge

Thats me, it dosnt hurt that much to say.

Hello it just me my name is Jirico. Its not good or bad name but I like it. All I could say is that im bored and has noting to do right now so I decided to make another wiki account. Ill try improving articles here too!!

More about me ;)

I love to Dance.

All I can say it that I like to DANCE but I can say it that im not that good myself. I also love watching Dramas, especially Korean ones!! Im currently watching the Teleserye Tayong Dalawa, The Road home and Queen of Housewives. Never Hears of them?? Thats okay. Before I start mumbling about stuff you dont CARE about I would like to say is that Im Asian Im half FILIPINO and half INDONESIAN . I been in America for 4 YEARS and is a ForeignerI LISTEN to a lot of random things that people here dont like; K-POP J-POP and OPM. Some of my favorite groups are SS501, Fahrenheit, T-Max, Se7en, Big Bang, and Arashi!!

SS501 crew cooming out my Magical hat!!