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Hi, and welcome to my page! I'm sorry for the confusion, but I had to create this page since I forgot the password from my previous page and since my e-mail didn't get it, I made this page. It's just like my previous one, except that it's going to be updated more. I'm going to update it with pictures, my favorites from YouTube, and some of the stories I like to write, the first one being Bowser's Flare. Thanks for visiting and have a sweet day! Oh, and just so you know, I am a HUGE fan of Sailor Moon, so that explains the videos of it below. Well, again, thank you for visiting. I also have another story that I worked on...when was it....I think two years ago? It's called Golden Horror and is also Mario related. I will post Bowser's Flare first on Fantendo. The rating of Bowser's Flare is PG-13 for sequences of rough action and intense violence. No gore, but just one tiny depiction of blood. Hope you all like it! The first and second parts of Bowser's Flare is now on Fantendo, so go on and read! If you need information about the story, there is a link for information on my page on Fantendo.File:Jelly ultras.PNG

This is my very first image from GIMP that I did. Thank you Mcool for all the help! "Tan" or "Graham Cracker" Peach and "Sky Shy" Mario.


My second one that I like to call "Golden Overalls and Gentle Warrior".


This is my third one so far and is Called Sunrise Peach Blossom.

Peach071019cl 2.jpg

Fourth one called Jelly Ultra Peach.

JellyUltra Peach.png