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Just Another User

You have entered the most amazing user page EVER!!! You will be blasted away by F.L.U.D.D. - Um, I mean the sheer glory that is this page! Not really...

All About Me

My real name is Jeremy. I live in the area of New England. I'm sort of new to the wiki, don't know how to do much, and I'm setting this page up myself. Look at my signature for proof: Life -1 a.k.a. the Anti-Mario. Can someone tell me how to add pictures? I'd be very greatful.

More Wario Info

BabyLuigiOnFire, if you see this, this is not a rip, only a continuation of your little column.

1.Wario wasn't slapped at birth. The doctors couldn't find his butt.

2.If a drop of Wario's blood fell onto the surface of our world, it would get pulled through the planet and become the new center of gravity.

3.Wario doesn't have a mustache. His sweat is made of a material that sticks to his lips. That is why we can't see his upper lips.