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"JanuaryThunder" is a former associate professor of sociology at Princeton University and author of several books on popular culture and demography. Outside of academia, he is also a prominent activist and speaker.

Jonathan Townley was born into a modest, working class household in Spokane, Washington in 1942. There, he learned the virtues of hard work, family, and community. During the winter of 1953, he witnessed a frightening storm, during which lightning struck and fell a tree which had been in his family's care for generations. It was from this event he derived the pseudonym "JanuaryThunder". In secondary school and in university, he published subversive articles in his local newspapers under this alias.

He has been described by his colleagues as "an unrepentant scholar", "a beacon of wisdom and hope", and "perhaps the greatest living genius of our time". Unfortunately, many of Jonathan Townley's groundbreaking academic dissertations were destroyed in a fire which consumed the eastern portion of the previous Washington State Public Archives building in 1968.

According to the Carnegie Institution for Science, his Intelligence Quotient has been estimated to be as high as 187. Despite this, he has rejected several offers from Mensa International and International Society for Philosophical Enquiry, calling them "bastions of elitism".

Nowadays, Jonathan Townley can be found spending long hours editing collaborative encyclopedias, including Wikipedia, Super Mario Wiki, Citizendium, and Jurispedia. He has also found hobbies in musical composition and recreational programming.