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I am a 15-year old boy living in Central California, USA. My birthday is June 11th and my real name is Jacob Harley.

My favorite video game franchise is the Super Mario franchise, but other franchises I particularly like include Henry Stickmin, Among Us, Minecraft, and Undertale.

I am not only interested in gaming, however. I am also interested in history, geography, and vexillology, which in case you don't know is the study of flags. I have used my skills in flags to make my own personal flag, which I have been using for months now.

My personal flag

I haven't known about the wiki for that long, only figuring out about it around 2018-2019 or possibly even later.

I formed my account in mid 2020. Around that time, I was starting to get into flash game preservation, as it's EOL was just a few months away. I went looking at several flash preservation sites, and in December found BlueMaxima's Flashpoint, an archive of almost 80,000 games and 8,000 animations, mostly made with Adobe Flash, from the past 25 years of internet history. I have used this program to find 20+ official Mario flash games and I have mentioned them in the discussion section for the list of games page, but they haven't been added yet.

I hope that I can be as much of a help as I can to the wiki as I learn about the rules and how to do things. I'll see you later!