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Ummm.... Guess I should start by saying hi, right? Hi! First things first: I LOVE INVADER ZIM! But I guess you knew that already, right? Other interests include: -Boys (laugh all you want, you probaly are drooling over someone, pretty boy.) -Drawing -Anime -Manga -Drawing Anime and Manga (didn't see that comin', didja honey?) -My DSI XL -The video game Animal Crossing (currently, Anchovy is in love with me, but my character apparently likes Bud the beach weightlifter. My friend Kiki has a mental problem about her house. Plus, I think Friga and Eloise have lost their friggin' minds. -Flipnote Studio for the DSI -Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream -The Princess Diaries Series (WILL MIA WIN MICHELLE BACK AFTER HE MOVED TO JAPAN EVEN THOUGH LILLY NOW HATES MIA 4 STEALING HER EX BOYFRIEND J.P???)

I like a lot of things. Peace! BTW: You see a green dog with a zipper through the middle of its body? Its a dog. Not an android. Heh-Heh...