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Greetings and Salutations( If you don't know what that means, your;e a nitwit)I am ilovedaisy!!! As my name implies I LOVE DAISY!! I ADORE DAISY!! I WISH I HAD A DAISY DOLL TO HUG AND SMOTHER WITH DAISY FANGIRLNESS!!! Ahem. Sorry. Aside from Daisy, I love Mario, Peach, Luigi, Sonic, Samus, Link, Jigglypuff(although I can't unlock her in SSBB, which sucks), and LUCARIO! GO LUCARIO! Okay, that'a all I have. Goodbye. I LOVE DAISY!!!

News from Ilovedaisy!

I'm a big fan of Mario and a bigger fan of Sonic and you'll expect a lot of crap from me. Tee hee. If you have any ideas for fanfics, fanseries, or anything like that, call me on my talk page. Here's what I don't allow though:

  • No bloody gorey stuff. I hate that.
  • No negative refrences to foreign culture. How'd you like it if I critizized YOUR religion?
  • Be creative. I want talent. Creativity. Imagination.
  • Most important: THERE WILL NOT BE ANY CANON MARIO OR SONIC COUPLES IN THE FANFICS I, ILOVEDAISY, MAKE. IF YOU WANT SONAMY OR MARIOXPEACH, GO TO FANFIC.NET. I like to get creative when it comes to couples. So if you have something against that, take yourself home and stay away from my page.

Merry almost-Christmas everyone!! I have an AWESOME announcement! I'll be getting a laptop(I hope) for Christmas, so you'll be expecting a LOT of updates, or at least when I'm super bored. So come to my page anytime for new crap! Tee hee!

What's up peeps! I'm comin' to you live from my brand spankin' new LAPTOP!!! YAYYY!! MY GREATEST DREAM HAS BEEN FUFILLED!!! It is sooo awesome!! So updates galore!! Tee hee!


I know, it sounds silly. But to me, theyr'e pretty alike. Daisy and Sonic both like to have a fun time. They're both PRETTY fierce and competitive when it comes to challenges. And they have attitude. So why not pair them together? It won't hurt anyone, and for all of you, especially *cough* Luigi and Amy *cough*, there are other fish in the sea. So I'd like it if your romantic fanfics, fanshows, etc focused on them. And, Luigi and Amy(Don't look so sad!), I have plans for you. You'll have your dream girl/boy, It just won't be Sonic/Daisy.