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Welcome to my page! I am Iggykoopa321. Most of my topics will lead to my YouTube videos to describe them or display them in greater detail.

Nintendo News

Mario AR games

New Mario title announced: There will be multiple Mario and other Nintendo characters sold along with these displayed "sets."


It is my theory on Nintendo's next game: (note: it is my THEORY, it may not develop into a new game but it seems like an appropriate title.) The NAME of the game could possible be debated like LM:DM's new title replacing the original name (LM2), SMS2 name could also be something like: "Super Mario Sunshine: Graffiti Disaster" "Super Mario Sunshine: Return of the Sun" "Super Mario Sunshine: Shines in Shambles" "Super Mario Sunshine: Return to Delfino" "Super Mario Sunshine: The Shadow Fiend"

Though not a currently announced game, many have signed a Petition for a sequel to SMS because said game was widely appealing to a broad audience.


I cannot Wait, but the cat suit is questionable..