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The box of Super Hornio Brothers I.

Super Hornio Brothers is a two-part pornographic film based on upon the Super Mario series. Both films were released around the same time as the officially created Super Mario Bros Film. In the United States 1993, T. T. Boy as Ornio Hornio, Ron Jeremy as Squeegie Hornio, Chelsea Lynx as Princes Perlina and Buck Adams (Who was also the films director), as King Pooper, had starred the main roles in both films. Nintendo later bought the rights to the film in order to stop It's distribution and thus has become a very rare collectors item over the years.


Squeegie Hornio along with his brother Ornio Hornio are magically teleported into Squeegie's computer after a power overload. Squeegie explains to Ornio that they are stuck in their computer monitor. A computer virus informs the Ornio that King Pooper had gotten clean away with their Princess Perlina. Squeegie and Ornio travel through the computer and encountering other villains along the way who try and slow them down. Squeegie is then separated from Ornio while fending them off. Squeegie arrives at King Pooper's lair attempts attempts to free their Princess Perlina, but is then cornered by King Pooper. Squeegie attempts to fight King Pooper without the aid of his brother, Ornio. Squeegie is about to get killed by King Pooper, just as Ornio appears and shoves King Pooper into a tub, where he melts until he is dead. Ornio and Squeegie then ask Princess Perlina to send them back to Earth, however, she only ends up transporting herself and Ornio back to Earth, leaving just Squeegie by himself in the computer world.


  • Buck Adams – King Pooper
  • T. T. Boy – Ornio Hornio
  • Courtney – Bon Dori, Queen of Bondage
  • Don Fernando - Bob
  • Ron Jeremy – Squeegie Hornio
  • Krysti Lynn– Spider Woman
  • Chelsea Lynx – Princes Perlina
  • Kitty Yung – Ileeza, Mistress of Evil


Initially, a studio called Sin City Entertainment was backing the project, but then later dropped out, causing the directors to ask Midnight Video to help finish and publish both films. The director was asked by Midnight Video to cut down the already 37 page script, and split the movie into two parts. The entire funding for the film was around $20,000 USD. Right's to both films were then sold of to Nintendo, to ensure that neither of the films would get distributed anymore.