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Hi, i'm holyromanemprortatan, and I am a Mario fan. As you can see, I have been fake warned. I should be ashamed of my self, but unfortunately, I am not, cause I'm too Republican.


My Cheese Craze Song

  • Cheese, cheese, the musical substance
  • The more you eat, the healthier you are
  • The healthier you are, the stronger you are
  • So let's have cheese at every meal!



The Betasphere! It can find any unused and debugged content!


All of you shall eat eel sausage! Why? Cause I say so!



What's this? The design for the cartridge channel when Super Mario 3D Land is inserted? I don't know :P. Oh wait, it is the early version of the Virtual Console Mario games section.

Bowser, the Fascist King

Once upon a time there was a turtle who became a fascist king. He is also known as King Koopa. He wants to take over The Democratic People's Republic of the Mushroom World and turn into a fascist state. The fascist king kidnaps the "dear leader" most of the time. But Joseph Stalin always rescues the "dear leader", as he is in love with her. But who knows what the fascist king will do next.

Some awesome vids I found