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hello anyway even do i came to mario wiki i'm more of a luigi my b day was may 9 if u do something for my birthday i will give u a suprised L RULES people say this is the BEST song on SMG

and I HIGHLY AGGRE with those people except I say ONE is Better can you guess what it is this one
but my TRUE favorite one is this
my second favorite is this
both of my favorites sound good together This is me as a character Character Hboy.jpg


sorry i was gone to long my computer would not let me through i have something to show you guys

 (o.o)              This is a Pika. Copy and paste Pika
 ()()              into your profile to help him gain world domination!

i also found my old NES ANND it STIIIL works OMG


listen if you want to see cool mario walkthrough go to skawo is awsome


Yesterday and the day before i could'nt get in OMG ANYWAY check out Stupid Mario Bros. at

any way If I say it too late Have a Merry Christmas


so how do you like Saint Mario HO HO HO or as Mario would say WHO WHO WHO


I now have a youtube account it is Hboy333333 go and check it out