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Now see my username is pretty wierd but is game related, a long time ago i used to play GTA. Whenever you used to run over a group of Hare Krishnas the GOURANGA flashed over the screen. Also i was a the Royal Agricutral Show over in Warickshire and some guy came up to us and asked us would we be willing to donate to a charity, I had some money so i thought ok I gave him some money He ended up giving me a CD which i never listened to but also a fridge magnet which says "Call out gouranga and be happy" So why not do it?

Me and Mario

The first Mario game i played was way back in 1993 it was Super Mario World. That was my main game for about 5 years. I even lost my first tooth whilst playing Mario. I converted to Sony as I got older with a Ps2, but at 11 I met this guy named Bobby and he changed my perception of games and I changed his. This guy lived and breathed Mario, he completed Super Mario Bros at the age of 2. Anyway he showed me what Mario had changed into and I liked it. So i started to get back involved with Nintendo.


i got my Wii on Saturday 9th December at 2.00pm one day after UK release in Gamestation Corby. I pre-ordered it in October on the 16th. I was called at 1 to say it was in shop I ran up the town with my money and got it straight away. I now can't wait for Super Mario Galaxy