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Hello everyone. I am the great and terrible Goombomb!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, I'm just a guy from Nemoville, Slidestate. I thought that there might be some things I could contribute to this wiki. If you look up my edits, you'll notice that the information is mostly trivial and not much use to anyone. But I am determined to help.

Me as Fanon

I began as a regular Goomba in the Super Smash Bros. universe. At one point, Wario was selling parts to Tabuu for the Subspace Gunship. Eager to scam the ultimate being, Wario placed me in a cardboard box. I escaped after the Gunship was completed, and wandered around inside. I found the energy-reactor, and bombarded myself with radiation, hoping to become a Grand Goomba. Instead, when the Gunship was destroyed by Kirby, I turned into a trophy and fell into the sea.

When it was all over, Master Hand found me. He threw me into Subspace (his subconcious) for later. This is where things get interesting.

In the Mushroom Universe, Professor E.Gadd's evil twin was creating a living weapon. He used dead Goomba body parts and Bob-omb components to create... the Goombomb.

I can explode at will, and draw my scattered parts back together. My explosion is sufficient to make Mario lose a life even if he is Fire Mario.