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Hello, my name is GoofyfanG56 (Goofyfan if you want). I joined in 2012, but didn't use this account until 2013. I'm sorta new to this, so sorry if I mess anything up! :(


Q:Who's that Yoshi on your page/signature?

A:That is Yoshi-Bot, a fan character of mine.

Q:Why is your name GoofyfanG56?

A:Well, I have a love for the Disney character, Goofy. I came up with this username while making an account on another website. The "G" in my username stands for Goofy. (Yeah I know it's wierd.) Also, 56 is my favorite number.

Q:How old are you, Goofyfan?

A:Sorry, I won't tell.

Q:Favorite Video Game Franchise?

A:Mario! I love Mario games the most. Also I do enjoy Sonic games alot.

Q:Favorite Video Game Console?

A:Gamecube. First console I ever owned.


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