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I am of the opinion that Mario is NOT 155cm, he is more likely around 100cm or something (103.3cm in Mario and Sonic) and Larry Koopa is my number 1 favorite character ever, of course... I tend to get very argumentative, and sometimes get a little pushy when I've kind of been bothered by something for really really long, it gets really annoying that nothing changes... I am a short and light person, as I am 165cm (only if my back is absolutely straightened, but when I am relaxed I tend to be around 162cm or 163cm) and 44kg (5'05" with a straight back and 5'04" when relaxed and around 97lbs though a lot of times I get lighter than that as my weight fluctuates, which I also doubt anyone cares about) I've been fighting Mario height debates since 2017 (ever since the air of "Game Theory: Super Mario Odyssey's GIANT Problem" and then came here to fight it because of how Matpat used the Mario wiki claiming Mario is 155cm as a source in one of his videos, if I remember correctly, don't remember which one) but I only need Mario's height to get Larry's height, and my current Larry height is 78.7cm (2'07") around Tails' height and my current Larry age is 13 years old...

I also have ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome/High Functioning Autism and I was born on December 27th 2000.

Larry SSBU.png

I am the creator of LarryDS which I highly doubt anyone here cares about, lmao!