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tsukasaib2.png > Welcome! :D

Hey everybody I'm glad I'm at Mariowiki Now here is my stuff. Enjoy.

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Favorite Characters

  • Ashley and Red- The girl who live in a hunted mansion, and sometimes cool
  • Penny Crygor - The little inventor and a Meganekko
  • Geno - The Greatest character Alive!
  • Mallow - Also Greatest character!
  • Princess Peach - The famous Princess.
  • Toadette - the cutest toad!
  • Miis - who doesn't like a mii?
  • Mario - the Hero of the series
  • MIPS - He maybe a little evil, but a little cute too.
  • Kat and Ana - The two great Ninja.
  • Zelda - Also The famous Princess.
  • Chiyo - The Greatest and Cutest child prodigy in Azumanga Daioh, Oh how I wish she would be in a Mario RPG Game.
  • Yukari - The Slacking teacher.
  • Tomo - The Great person but sometimes Baka.
  • Nyamo - The Real Teacher!
  • Yomi - The mature and serious Meganekko.
  • Ayumu - The girl from Osaka!
  • Kagura - The sport Attic girl.
  • Sakaki - a little scary but She is good person!


  • I like Crossovers!


My firs AMV~!! :D

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what mario character(s) am I?

I am a Pauline. ^__^;

Which Neglected Mario Character Are You?

LOL Fiction

Ryoko Asakura meets Bowser

Ryoko: Hi, Ryoko Asakura and you must be Bowser. Bowser: What are you to do?

Ryoko: They say it's much better to regret something you did then regret something you didn't do.


Ryoko: ...

Super Mario RPG & Azumanga Daioh Fiction

The reason why there is a Super Mario RPG & Azumanga Daioh fiction because there were never any Super Mario RPG & Azumanga Daioh fictions that you guys should make and the is sad and how come you never make them, I mean I know made Super Azumanga RPG but that’s it, nothing else, I guess I’m the only one who thought a Super Mario RPG & Azumanga Daioh Fiction. T__T

Super Mario RPG seiyuu test

Late but necessary Message for those that are wondering.

Hello, I know that this is strange for someone like me who hasn't contribute anything on both MarioWiki and Userpedia for a loooooooooooong time but I just wanted to say that I am still alive. It's just on other websites like Tumblr, deviantART, and YouTube. It's just for some reason, I had grown out of being in these wikis and I hope you all will understand. I'm not the same scared middle school girl that I was years ago. I'm a somewhat mature (keyword being “somewhat”. :P) young lady who graduate from high school. So, if you guys wanna know where I am, like I said, I'm on Tumblr, DA, and YT. I know there's like to both my DA and YT channel on the article about myself. As for Tumblr, here's the link to it: Fair warning, my language has gotten a lot more strong than it was, like there times where I through F-bombs when I get mad and acting so chill that I'm like Gamzee from Homestuck before he went Sobor. (How many of you are surprised I got into Homestuck.) (And I gotta fix an error that needs to be fixed.)