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A'ight. This is probably gonna be gonna be a little weird to see a user page from like...the 2006-2009 get absolutely nuked by said user but here me out

I sometimes like to look back at the MarioWiki but I know I had some terrible usage of color

But before we get to it, here's a re-introduction:

Hello, the name's Gissy, I hope you are having a good day.

What I originally was

So, to put it bluntly, I was a Mario fan that started both here and Userpedia, who also later became a weeb. I also had a crap load of userpages that, really, it was prooobably taking alot wiki space. (Which was not need, tbh.)

The main offender was my old fanfiction that was under the "User:Gissy/Super Azumanga RPG" which had a buttload of sub-pages... Good gravy.

I remember my interest was shifted to deviantART and I was not active here as often.

What Has Changed?

Well, I'm probably able to share my anger (in proper places, dw.) and I do not look back back at that old fanfiction with as much pride as I did those years ago.

I also have foul mouth. Like, there are plenty of F-Bombs from me. (I will bring that to the MarioWiki becuase... c'mon man, it's Mario!!)

I have made a lot of web series ("Fanime", "web cartoon", w/e you wanna call it.) so there is something I can take pride it. :)

I also refer to myself as "GissyEva" in terms of user names rather than just "Gissy". Some other peeps on the online circles took the name "Gissy" and it blows

Where to find Me

Honestly, I'm just gonna link since I'm in so many freaking social medias, it's crazy. But yeah, if there is any past mistakes I've made, feel free to contact me through those platforms.

Closing Statements

Tbh, I want to look back at the MarioWiki but I know I'm probably not gonna edit the articles when it comes to adding recent Mario-related information because I know that I'm kinda like, BEHIND when comes to that. ^^; With that said, I'd probably make some edits in case if there some grammatical mistakes... or at the very least, some troll vandalizing the articles. That is, if I'm active they happen.

Anyways, thank you for taking your time reading what I decided to write and I hope you all have a good day!

(And dw, I have the wiki-code thing for how my user-page looks before the purge)