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Let's see...

My screen name was first conceived in mid-2004 when I joined NSider as GENERALLUIGI. The "General" part came from my love of strategy games, and the "Luigi" part came from the name of my favorite video game character: Luigi (yes, he's good enough to deserve a link from my user page. I've been told that my way of typing can come off as arrogant at times, though I assure you that I never look down on anyone, no matter what my style of typing may suggest. Ever since I joined NSider, my user name has popped up elsewhere--typically as General Luigi. Nowadays, I spend most of my online time at The Citadel.

I love RPGs, so it's only natural that I have a lot of knowledge of the Mario RPGs--as well as the portable tennis and golf games. Along with strategy games, RPGs are my favorite genre--which is why I love the Fire Emblem series--the best of both worlds.

Though I wouldn't consider myself Internet savvy, I'm far more knowledgeable now than I was when I first got involved in online communities.