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Hello. My name is GameWinter but you can call me "Game" for short. I am determined to make this wiki better by correcting the mistakes or adding info to the Ratings, Media and the release date sections in game Info Boxs. I have already started and I intend to continue my job. I have stayed in the shadow ever since I created this account but not anymore. It is my time to shine now that I know what Im doing with these Info Boxes. If you can help me by giving me advice or telling me about a page that needs correcting, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your help if you do.

Mario Games I Have

<gallery> File:Mario Bros. NES Cover.PNG File:MCF.jpg File:SMB Boxart.png File:SMB TLL Boxart.PNG File:SMB2 Boxart.png File:SMB3 Boxart.png File:SarasalandBoxArt.png File:Super Mario World Box.png File:SMK Player's Choice Box Cover.jpg File:Supermarioland2logo.jpg File:USA MP Front.jpg File:Super Mario RPG Box.png File:Super Mario 64 Boxart.png File:MK64 Cover.png File:MP1 Cover.png File:Super Smash Bros N64 box.png File:MG64.PNG File:Mario Party 2 box art.jpg File:MT64.PNG File:Paper Mario 64 box.png File:Mario Party 3 box art.jpg File:MKSC Box Art.jpg File:Luigi's Mansion Box.png File:SSBM cover art.jpg File:Box NA Super Mario Sunshine.png File:Mario Party 4 Cover.jpg File:ToadstoolTour.PNG File:Mario Kart Double Dash!!.jpg File:Mario Party 5 box art.png File:Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Box NA.png File:Mariogolfgba.jpg File:Mvd.jpg File:PMTTYD.jpg File:Mariop.jpg File:MarioPowerTennisBox2.jpg File:MP6 Cover.jpg File:Sm64ds.jpg File:MariopartyGBA.jpg File:DDRMMboxartfront.jpg File:MarioBaseball.jpg File:Power Tour Cover Art.jpg File:Mario Party 7 box art.jpg File:MKDS NA Box Art.png File:SuperMarioStrikers.JPG File:MarioLuigiPartnersTimeBox.jpg File:New Super Mario Bros box.png File:Mariohoops3on3 boxart.jpg File:Mvsdk2motmcoverart.jpg File:SuperPaperMarioBoxart.jpg File:USCover MSCF.jpg File:MP8Box.png File:Super Mario Galaxy NA Box Art.jpg File:MPDSNA.jpg File:MnSDS boxart.jpg File:SSBB Cover.jpeg File:Dr. mario online rx.jpg File:MarioKartWiiNTSC.png File:MSuperSluggersart.jpg File:MenuLogoDrMario.png File:Bowsersinsidestorycover.jpg File:Mariocalculator.jpg File:Marioclock.jpg File:MvsDK3 Logo.png File:MSOWGDScover.PNG File:NSMBW NA Box Art.jpg File:Smg2boxart.png File:MvsDKMLM.jpg File:SMAS25.jpg File:MSM-NAboxart.png File:SM3DL UScover.png File:Mario-Kart-7-Box-Art.jpg File:Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (3DS).jpg File:MP9Boxart.jpg File:MTOboxart.jpg File:NSMB2 NA box cover.png File:Paper mario sticker star box-art.png File:NSMBU boxcover.png