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Uh, hello. I am FunkyWaffle and I am from the UK. I like to play Mario games (I guess that was pretty obvious...), and I don't really have any favorites, except maybe the RPGs. I'm not really SUPER good at anything, and I (obviously) like to play games. How I act is sometimes shy, but other times, or just when I'm 'settled in' to things, I act, well, not shy! I aren't really a fan of a particular series('s), I just play games that seem good. My favorite characters are some generic enemies (like Shy Guy), but others actual characters (like Diddy Kong). I like talking, but I hate arguements. I'm not really new anymore, but I'm still kind of trying to learn about things, so excuse me if I make any silly mistakes. I'm also a bit of a noob, so beware! I'm not very good at all the stuff on the wiki like userboxes, but I try to do stuff. I do some edits, but others are really minor like maybe changing a capital letter to a lowercase one when there should be a lowercase one. I have a friend called LuigiBlubber, who is nice, and created a userbox for me. He's better at the more advanced stuff, because I don't even know how to create a userbox, but hopefully I'll get better and will be a credit to the wiki! He was also my very first friend, and I hope I make even more friends! I now have a friend called World10, so yay! He gave me enough infomation to help me make userboxes, so I can make them myself now. Hurray! My birthday is January 10th, by the way. I haven't logged in for forever, so hopefully I'll be more active! There's just so many things in real life, and so many internet things! After I've been gone so long I'm a bit of a noob but hopefully I'll pick right up again!

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These are things I bought from World10! The Tail Gloomba pic belongs to World10, obviously.

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