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Heres my history of how i grew up liking mario

The first time when i saw mario was in a super mario world game,dont remember which one it was,i also founded mario kart original.This was like in 1998,the old days. I enjoyed this game so much that i kept playing it repeadetly,sometime later,i found out that mario has other games,like mario part and super mario 64(never finished it but it was amazing),super mario kart 64 also.Another point in my early life, i founded super smash bros, and mario was in it, i kept taking him all the time,it was so much fun. The rest of the years,i would get mario sports games and new mario party games,but liking him less further on.Why? just keep reading.

At some point when super smash melee came out,i still liked mario,and his games on the gamecube,super mario sunshine,wasnt good like mario 64,it was still awesome. But I also started liking donkey kong a lot at this point(i remember playing dk 64),i found him better then mario in super smash melee, and i played as him all the time in mario kart double dash,but i would know at a point he stopped baing playable in newer mario party games.Dk series was on hiatus for a long time(never really looked up on his past games like dk country,just dk 64) until dk junglebeat came out,it was awesome experiencing another dk adventure game since dk 64,but dk 64 was much better.I heard that rare abandoned the dk franchise. By playing a lot of melee and double dash,it was here that i liked dk better then mario(a lot of reasons why is mostly because in mario sports games).I played newer mario sports games as they were released(i remember that i still liked mario better then dk in mario golf toadstoll tour).

With the wii and ds era,dk games gettin were pretty lame or ok, i got king of swing and jungle climber for ds,but not barrel blast,it wasnt good! until the arrival of super smash brawl,it was the time when i u=was using dk a lot,up to this current point. DK games are way different now since paon took over rare many years later, i mentioned before that i never looked up at dks original games,some of these games have his friends as main characters,i just wanna play the dk games only,maybe one day. This is the point that i have less interest in gettin mario games now,there just so easy to pass,i played galaxy,it gets you tired right away.

I also noticed wario(who i really like also) in the new nintendo generation,always liked mario better in the past,not until i played a lot of brawl with wario,he was a funny character like in previous games,i would take him even more then mario in sports games if i remember. Recently,i wanna get into warios warioware games,i never did,neither even his wario land games,i just knew him in sports games and mario party games,looking forward to them soon.Wario is even cooler then mario,and more funnier(i didnt really notice that in the first place lol),but dk will always be my favorite!