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Heya I'm the Fantastic Mr. L! I edited Tipani's page because I noticed several typos.Along with Bleck,Doopliss, and a single Typo in Mr.L's page. Sorry about that.

I have my own blog at

Also, I have started creating pages that linked but had no where to go. Something is better than nothing right, even a stub.

On a side note, in real life I'm a 13 year old girl who lives in Texas right now. I'm a die hard Luigi fan!

________________________________________________________________ Names used on the Internet:Arkania Dragon,Wolf Of the Dark Magic, Themaskedotsel,Fantastic Mr. L,Thistletail.

I love to play World Of Warcraft, I'm on the Silverhand Server contact "Druiddarkfur". Horde side.

Well...I write fanfics. I have the entire Luigi and the Waffle Kingdom story done, and I write my own story ideas too. I would post them, but someone might jack my ideas. =)

Animorphs,Redwall,Guardians of Ga'Hoole,Warriors (Cat), and MUCH more are my fav books they all rock!