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Ranking Pro. Gamer,New Guy
Birthday and Age January 7,1999
Real Name Ed Dick
Allies Kooper,Mario,Luigi,etc.
Species Human
Likes Computer, videogames, Writing, etc
Hates Haters,Hackers,Vandelism
Gender Male
Can be found at Any where

Ed Dick

What is up,Mario fans!Who's me you ask?Well,Ed Dick of course!But,thats not my real name,it's really.........Ed Dick! This will tell everything I do when I'm at home.My favorite characters are:Mario,Luigi,Dry Bones,Bowser(He is Awesome!),Princess Peach(It's weird to say,but she's cute.),Yoshi,Boo,and all of Mario's enemies!

Glitches,Mario Glitches

Some Glitches I Found, Here you go.

Stuck in doors

At times when you enter doors,the players partner can sometimes get stuck on the door and they will try to get out.They will jump,run,and they will start to act a little glitchy.

Another Way to walk underwater during flood

When you start,head to the roof.There are to roofs,a big one and a small one.Take the small one.Now,Swim to it.Mario will try to push the roof when trying.Then Stop.You will be On The Roof(Note:Don't Jump on thr roof or the glitch won't work)Then,when on go to the section that separates the small roof and big roof.Fall in between it.It can a couple times but once Mario Falls down you'll be Walking Underwater!(Note:Use your Hover nozzle when you fall.Or you'll end up in the Blue Screen of Death)

Laughing Shadow Mario

When The flood start,go to the shine gate and go near Shadow Mario.When he almost enters Corna Mountain,He'll start laughing at you,but remember don't enter Cornona Mountain or you'll barely see him laugh.

If I Find More I'll upload it!

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