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“You know, sometimes I think that Dark Lord Hum Gree had a beautiful life before he became…well, Hum Gree.”


    Hey. You may know me as a user who adds small, yet important edits to pages. I enjoy reading, playing video games on my Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PS5, and watching YouTube videos about WarioWare(that’s why I know so much about WarioWare!). I dislike cleaning my room, doing chores, and my visions (don’t ask, you wouldn’t understand). 

  I also seem to enjoy editing Master Mantis, adding both an “Physical Appearance” section, and another paragraph to the “Personality” section.
  Random Master Mantis picture for your convenience. Master Mantis art for WarioWare: Move It!

Wooooo! First page done! List of Master Mantis quotes is now complete and available for all users!