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Hey people I am DolphinYoshi and I love Mario games (especially Mario Kart 64 and DoubleDash!!)Im kind of new to wikis so sorry if I screw up a lot. Anyway this is my userpage about me and my love for nintendo :D

The Top Ten best Mario Characters Ever!

1.Yoshi: He is just plain epicness and I love dinosaurs also he is great in the dolphin dasher in Mario Kart Wii!

2.Plessie:Even though I just bought the game he's in I love him to bits and hope he's in Mario Kart 8!

3.Shy Guy:These guys are mysterious and I love them so much I have two plushies of them and they are amazing in Mario Kart!

4.Lubba:One day someone said a Galaxy character which isn't Rosalina is in Mario Kart 7 and I knew it must be Lubba until I found out it was Honey Queen which got on my nerves because Lubba is so cool!

5.Toad:This guy had the most memorable voice and track of Mario Kart 64! (Im the best! and Toad's Turnpike)

6.Rosalina: Rosalina is the best princess ever! Instead of getting kidnapped shes the mother of basiclly everything since Lumas turn into everything like planets and stars and other stuff. Also stop changing voice actors!

7.Luigi: This green dude is so much better than Mario and also his Poltergust is awesome!

8.Lakitu(Mario Kart 7): He's just so cute!

9.Petey Pirahna: This guy really needs to come back to Mario Kart I mean King Boo came back!

10.King Boo: King Boo is still great as he is the scariest Mario Boss well not in most games but he is creepy in some games!