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Yo everyone!

I'm Demento (obviously a play on words for Dimentio), and I love DIMENTIO!!!!!!!!!!!! (From Super Paper Mario.)

In Super Paper Mario, Dimentio is a bad guy minion who reveals that he wanted to overthrow his boss and destroy the world because he is mentally insane and he loves killing people. I don't like him cause he's sadistic, but he is SO FREAKING AMAZING!

I mean the idea of having a bad guy character who betrayed their boss is phenomenal...and Dimentio's cool.

Okay, so I'm kinda an obsessant over Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Super Sluggers, and other stuff. I really love Mario adventure games because of the puzzles and the ways you can get tips even if you're stuck (pun on 'Tippi' for giving you tips in Super Paper Mario; also the pseudonym for 'Timpani').

I haven't beaten the game yet so far, but the Pixls I've found and pun-translated are as follows:

Tippi:Tips - By turning the Wii Remote to point at the screen, you can select some objects that may help you.

Thoreau:Throw - 1 to pick something up; 1 again to throw object. This Pixl may be the most valuable in boss battles (other than Tippi) along with Boomer.

Boomer:Boom (Bomb) - 1 to set Boomer on the ground; 1 again to blow him up.

Slim:Slim - Makes you paper thin so you can avoid motion attacks by pressing 1.

Thudley:Thud - Master of wrestling and girth; makes thuds while pressing 1.

Carrie:Carry - Carrie is a moving platform, like a flying carpet that you can use to move quicker and over dangerous surfaces by using 1.

Fleep:Flip - At first, it seems like this Pixl is useless due to the fact that you think can always use the dimension flip to flip surfaces. It's only later on that logic clicks in, and you realize that even with dimension-changing, you can't figure out what is hiding behind space rifts or X marks (use 1, of course). Also, this weird Pixl has an Italian accent (like Mario, I'm guessing, since we never hear him in dialogue) and he was trapped in an outhouse without any toilet paper to wipe his butt with...if he has a butt.

Cudge:Cudgel - Press 1 to swing a heavy hammer as an attack or to break large blocks. Cudgels are hammer/club/bludgeoning device/stick.

Dottie:Dot - Press 1 and Dottie turns you into a Mario the size of a dot. Enter small areas and pipes/doors when using this Pixl.