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I am Davey. I really like the Mario (series series and wanted to make this. File:SMB Boxart.png My favorite power-up is the Propeller Mushroom. My favorite enemy is the Rocky Wrench. Enemy Statistics Power-Up Statistics 1. Rocky Wrench 1. Propeller Mushroom 2. Hammer Bro 2. Ice Flower 3. Muncher 3. Super Leaf and so on... 4. Bob-omb and so on...

<gallery> File:RockyWrenchNSMBW.png| 1.Rocky Wrench File:Hammer Bro-NSMBU.png|2.Hammer Bro. File:MuncherNSMBU.png|3.Muncher File:BobombNSMBU.png|4.Bob-Omb

I also like the Super Smash Bros. series.

Sorry that this is unfinished.