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I'm a huge Daisy lover, And yes, I am an incredibly obsessed guy. For the record, I really don't know how to do this.

Favorite Characters

  1. Daisy
  2. Luigi
  3. Peach
  4. Bowser

Why Daisyisbetter I like Daisy for a multitude of reasons. I like most of the characters that Nintendo seems to hate, and Daisy is one of them - she's gotten little to no time in games - a grand total of 1 mainstream game. Her attitude is awesome. It has annoyed me how Peach just stands there and gets kidnapped, and does nothing but scream for help. Daisy has never shown such tendensies, being distinctly tougher than Peach, a nice defiant attitute that is stereotypical of the whole damsel in distress deal Nintendo loves so much. Even so, I'd like for to be kidnapped again - she wouldn't like it, and would probably fight back, but that only spices up the game. XD I also think that she is considerably hotter than Peach. Peach just comes off as a dip to me. I love her color scheme as well. Her abilities rock, she's shown alot more versatility in what she's been able to do than Peach - and many other Mario Characters. She's the strongest human - she was stronger than Wario in Golf - and definetly the strongest girl. And she can teleport and manipulate crystals, flowers, and even has some heart powers in MKDD. She downrright rocks, this is one tough chick.

She's truly the better princess in my opinion, but she's gotten absolutelty no time to prove it, except in spinoffs. And Nintendo does her wrong all the time.

Wishes I want Daisy to be included in some way in some 'core' game - meaning, I want Daisy to be kidnapped again. I think her game should atleast be remade for Luigi, and since we don't know about so many of the enemies in it. A sequel to Luigi's Mansion involving a castle with Daisy in it would be a good idea as well.

Characters that I want to Return

  1. Pauline-Last appearance was in Mario VS Donkey Kong: Minis March Yet Again. While I am very glad that she's been brought back into the kidnapping light, I think she should be in the Mario Party series.
  2. Tatanga- I think he should be an enemy again in some way or form.

Characters that Need more publicity

  1. Daisy, obviously.
  2. Pauline
  3. Tatanga-the alien that kidnapped Daisy.
  4. Toadsworth

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Daisy Needs to Return I just don't get it. Daisy has now been a major character in the Mario Spin off series, playing just about every sport. ...WHY hasn't she been in another main stream game? We know little to nothing about went down in Sarasaland, and Luigi wants her, they need to make another game for her. Then we have the fact that she now LIVES in the Mushroom Kingdom. Personally I'm really suprised she hasn't been kidnapped with Peach. Why? In just about all the Mario games, you usually have to rescue other characters like Toad and Toadsworth ANYWAY,. Why not Daisy? She's Peach's best friend, and they've been depicted together a whole lot. I can easily see her being a sort of preliminary damsel that's rescued in, like World 6 or 7 before the final battle for Peach. And in the RPGs too. I just don't get it, it would be a very interesting spin in the games, and we'd finally learn abit more about her. I'M SICK OF NINTENDO BEING SO DANG UNCREATIVE!

Now Daisy doesn't have to like it, and Nintendo knows this and exploits it. Daisy is the hardest character to unlock in Mario Kart Wii. She is also turned into a freakin' statue in Mario Super Sluggers, bringing back the damsel in distress thing for her, finally.

Daisy's distress has never been as simple as Peach's.

  1. Daisy has been turned into a statue - now there's not much to do about that situation. Peach, on the other hand, was kidnapped alive and well, doing nothing but sitting down.
  2. Daisy was beamed up by a spaceship. Also, not much to do about that one. Peach however, was kidnapped by simply being grabbed by Bowser Jr. Lame.

So I'm saying that Daisy being 'tough' doesn't mean she's invulnerable to being kidnapped. She can easily be fighting back and it do nothing at all, like being turned into a statue or beamed up by a spaceship. Not only would her being the abnormal damsel in distress, the game would be harder, most likely. Awesome.