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HELLO THERE! I'm DDB777! Nice to meet you! I mean, WELCOME TO THE DARKEST, MOST EVIL CASTLE IN THE WORLD!!! Well, I'm a Christian The cross.PNG! and here are some AWESOME pictures! DarkBowserAni.gifOh yeah, you feel it? THE DARK POWER! DreamyBowserMLDT.gifAWESOME! BowserAnimation.gifGWAHAHA! AntasmaSprite.gifHAHAHAHA! Bowser & Antasma.gifYou're on! TorkscrewSprite.gifHEHEHE! Mechawful.gif Dark Mechawful.gif Dark Mechawful 5.gif DarkStar.gif DarkFawfulBattle.gif Bowsers Idle.gif Fawful a BellyFawful.gif Fawful2nd.gif GrobotDreamTeam.gif Free Handfake.gif Shroob.gif Nonstopper NSMB.gifI CAN'T GET OFF! File:Nonstopper II NSMB.gifToothy.gifHow do you brush those teeth? Treevil Berry.gif Trashure.gifUmmm... Got any Coins? Sockop.gifCute! DarkFawfulBug.gifHEHEHE! MarioMakerGraphicStyles.gif Different-same Scorm36.pngFrom Legends of Chima. Season 3 episode 10: http:// From there, scroll down to characters and find and click Scorm. This pic shows Scorm w/ his gun, and Laval in his fire suit. For more info on LEGO Chima, than go to: and


Dream Team enemy



HP ∞

POW 7,777,777,777

DEF I take 1 damage always.

SPD 99999999

exp ∞

coins 100,000,777

Tattle: 2 words: watch out.

Here is some cool music! Enjoy! MLDT Dream World battleFile:MLDT - Theme3.ogg MLDT Boss battleFile:MLDT - Theme5.ogg MLDT Giant bossFile:MLDT - Theme6.ogg MLPIT BattleFile:10 Battle.ogg MLPIT Boss battleFile:11 Boss Battle.ogg MLPIT Princess Shroob battleFile:33 Princess Shroob Battle.ogg MLPIT Bowser battleFile:36 Bowser Battle.ogg Also, go here:

I'm friends with this user. Well, I just like him. |-



Bowser Time!

DreamyBowserMLDT.gif THE DREAMY POWER!!! File:MPA Bowser.png Don't do it! Bowserfire.png Heat up! BrawlBowser.jpg Brawl time! MLBiS Bowser.png Whatever you say, I don't care! NSMBW Bowser Artwork.png I told you before, I don't care! Bowsersmg2.png Look at you puny little wimps! Bowser Artwork - Mario & Luigi Dream Team.png STOMP time! Bowser Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png I know, it's cool! But otherwise, I DON'T CARE! Bowser Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour.png It was YOU! Mario and Bowser Artwork - Mario Kart 8.png GRRR! You're scratching my paint job! SSB4 - Bowser Artwork.png Let's battle! Bowser - Skylanders- SuperChargers.jpg FEEL THE POWER! (bowser on skylanders?!?) Bowser - SkylandersSuperChargers illustration.jpg Top flight!

Upcoming and Just Came Out

Dr. Mario- Miracle Cure Logo.jpg Upcoming, but I'm not very exited. File:MarioTennisUltraSmashPre-Box.jpg Upcoming File:Mario-dk-tipping-stars-boxart-eu-wii-u.jpg File:Mario-dk-tipping-stars-boxart-eu-3ds.jpg Just came out, not too exited. P&DZ-SMBE US Cover.png Just came out, sounds fun! Super Mario Maker - Artwork.png STILL UPCOMING! But making your own levels & designed enemies, wow! File:YoshisWoollyWorld NABoxart.jpg STILL upcoming, but otherwise, I don't know. File:WiiU MarioParty10 pkg.jpg Just came out; I should try it. Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Logo.png Upcoming, but I really want another Mario & Luigi game, and I've always heard good things about the Paper Mario series. So why not put both together? MS Rio logo.png Upcoming, but not too exited, except for fans!

Other Pictures

More coming soon!