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I AM DAISY 005 and I am fairly new to both Mario Wiki and Mario games in general, so I won't be much help here yet. I joined this site because it's Mario-related and I got addicted fast! I have my two Daisy figurines sitting on the desk and keeping me company right now as I type this sentence, so yeah, I suppose you could say I am obsessed with Daisy. I also enjoy drawing. I have a Chihuahua obsession, but don't ask why...


I might have mentioned before that I LOVE drawing, so I'm putting some of my drawings here for you to see. Some of them are Mario characters. I've been drawing Yoshi for some time now, because I've actually liked Yoshi longer than I've liked Daisy. I can draw Daisy but I'm still practicing.

Dai-Z (Daisy is gangsta, haha =]) [1]

Yoshi Dragon [2]

Chihuahua Fairy [3]

Random Daisy picture... (COMING SOON. I just drew a better version of this same picture and it will be coming as soon as I'm not to lazy to scan it to the computer.)

Chihuahua Dragon (Male) [4]

Chihuahua Dragon (Female) [5]

Yup, Chihuahua dragons are ahmazing. I want one for a pet. It's gonna be purple and have three heads. =]