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It's me!

Hey, what's up? I'm new here, but I know my way around a wiki. I came from TMK and finally decided to make an account. I guess I'm good at finding sources to confirm things. I will try to expand my user page as time progresses. This is the same person behind the Confused account, but I had to create this sockpuppet because I forgot my password. In time, I hope this will become an official user account instead. My real name is Brice and my brother on this wiki is Knife, although I can't reveal his real name because he is scared. Go me for seniority, cause at 23, I am probably one of the oldest users on this wiki. But please, don't judge me on age, I make as many mistakes as you guys do, perhaps more than my own brother. Also, don't fear me because of my age, respect is not a big deal for me. Continue to call me Confused as you always have. Adios!