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hahaha i havnt edited this page in a while

You don't say past CD? It's been ages since I even wrote like that. And why am I talking to myself. Must've been years since I've legitimately edited this page.

timeline theories

yes I have not edited this page in a while however I wanna lay down the rules about us users doing a timeline

First things first: Nintendo has not confirmed the mario games have a timeline, that has only been confirmed for the zelda series because of that the writers of the plots of the mario games dont have to pay much attention to see where things put in so its crazy to pay too much attention to the plots of the games to find links

If there is a timeline: Then its only based on official nintendo stuff dont include the cd-i games and the cartoons i hate when people bring up mario is missing and stuff

Anyway read this before we go into all the crazy stuff like how mario got into Brooklyn and whatnot