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Hello to the few people who are actually looking at this. I haven't realy done much so far on super mario wiki yet... but I will eventualy when I don't feel lazy. As you can see I like chain chomps. I made even made a comic about a chain chomp and bomb-omb. You don't get to see it because I don't have it anymore. Hmm... I don't have anything else to say exept random things that you would get board reading


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 12 years old
  • Location: USA, Connecticut
  • Favorite Console: Nintendo Wii
  • Favorite Game: Super Paper Mario
  • Total Video Games: 38
  • Total Mario Video Games: 10


Well not much.

  1. Fixed a spelling error
  2. Fixed a link
  3. Fixed a listing error


...Chain chomps rule!