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The Red Spotted Fungus Thing

Koopeleon Sprite.png

File:Red Bulborb Trophy.jpg
the common Bulborb, as he poses on a statue for a silly videogame.
Full name Bulbie Bulborb
Species Grub-dog
First appearance Pikmin (2004)
Latest appearance new play control!! Pikmin 2 (2009)
Latest portrayal Um, nobody.
Affiliation(s) capitain olimar
Fine then, Be a bum.

Hi. I love mario and Rpg games heaps. I have been playing for over 10 years. These are My favourite games in order.

1. Paper Mario: the thousand year door

2. Super mario sunshine

3. MarioKart Wii

4. Dragon Quest IX

5. Pikmin 2

6. Super smash bros. Brawl

7. The legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

8. Super mario Galaxy 2

9. Mario and Luigi: Partners in time

10. Mariokart: Double Dash!!

11. Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Black Version 2

note: this list only includes games I have Bought.


I like to papercraft nintendo characters, Ride my scooter, Play Videogames, Draw nintendo Characters, Draw Manga Characters, watch anime(I like bleach, Black cat, D.Gray-Man, One Piece and Claymore the Best!), Read, make nintendo stuff and collect mario figures! I also make and listen to Dubstep. I currently live in Glitzville and work in the shop there. I often visit my friends in Rogueport.

where I currently live.