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Welcome mariofans! I'm buggyangelcuteface and i'm 8 years old.( No offense, i kind of think i'm way to young to be on a website full of cuss words.)Anyway, i'm a HUGE mariofan and passed the whole game of super paper mario.And when you come on my talk page,if i ever say something nonmario please remind me that this is a MARIO website not an all about me website.And my favorite characters on mario is toadette and boo.They are really make me have the joy on mario games.( and i don't care if their not on all of those mario games!!!!) My favorite minions is a pirahna plant and a goomba. I have stuffed toys and i pretend they bicker. Like: goomba calls pirahna plant fat lips. and pirahna plant calls goomba a poosack with fangs.( no offense, it sounds brattish and very wildly discusting.ta-ta!