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Hi everybody. It's BriMaster2. I have a Wikipedia page: Feel free to check out that page and leave comments. I don't have much money, and as such only have the following consoles with the following Mario games:

Nintendo Entertainment System-Super Mario Bros.(9/10 [Wii Sports doesn't deserve it!]), Super Mario Bros. 2(-20,000,000,000,000,000,000......./10 [THIS GAME WAS SO..fart]), Super Mario Bros. 3(7/10 [I can't gt past world two, level 5 and the cheats don't work on my system so it's harder to even do any of the levels without cheats])

Nintendo GameBoy-Dr. Mario(5/10 [Good puzzle game but eh])

Nintendo DS Lite-Mario Party DS(6/10 [I love the game but I still haven't beaten Bowser once. Help Me!]), NEW Super Mario Bros.(9.5/10 [The improvements were spectacular, the characters are clearer and better, the bosses are challenging but not too hard, and I've beaten the game {OMG! BRIMASTER2 WON A MARIO GAME!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!} 73 times. I like the father son Koopa battle in World 8 and the Bowser Jr. Towers and the Dry Bowser battle and Bowser Jr. pulling away Bowser at the end. I like the credits too. It's an overall better game. The second best-selling DS game and overall portable gaming console game {Behind NintenDogs?!) with over 25,000,000 copies, half of {??!!!!!!!!?????} Wii Sports sales and 15,000,000 less than the original Super Mario Bros. Considering it sold 5,000,000 copies since just February of 2009, I'd say about 2 years till #1 Best selling game ever, not just #4.

I would like to play New Super Mario Bros. Wii if they made it into NSMB 2 for DS but had the same game and everything.