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Typical Status

☺Hey!☺ This page is now FINALLY being created. Of course there is still MUCH work to do, but with the help of Cmario17 and all of you out there, it will be FABULOUS!! Although I'm not SUPER great with computers, I'll get this page where it needs to be eventually.

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My General Purpose for being HERE

Any general questions concerning videogame music?♫ I CAN ANSWER THEM!!!! I also adore a good videogame quote once in a while and those are pretty easy to find here...(I usually enjoy Bowser ones... but there are also significant others... not many though...this is a lot to put into parentheses... I think I should stop now.) For tips on how how to beat videogames or where stuff is... don't ask me. Unfortunately, ACTUAL gaming is NOT my forte (haha band joke.)

A Background Check on Yours Truly

Now I guess it's time for a little on my background. My real name is Emily and I'm your typical sophmore in high school female band geek (who has a problem with learning how to keep her mouth shut) and a taste for adventure. This is where videogames come in. I was always one for adrenaline and imagining myself in the place of any main hero/heroine makes my day because living in the Midwest can get PRETTY BORING sometimes. I have two other siblings on the wiki, Cmario17 and MACHO TOAD, but total I have five siblings.(I'm the middle child.) I play the alto saxophone and his name is Sharky. (For all those people who are still reading that is how I will refer to him from now on.) If you haven't guessed already MUSIC IS MY LIFE AND BOWSER IS OBVIOUSLY THE BEST MARIO GAME CHARACTER EVER!!! My older brother Cmario 17 led me to the wiki... um... in the summer of last year?? Yeah that sounds about right. Although I'm not a super experienced gamer, I still enjoy playing often...not just for fun though but for the repetition of the music so when I put it on paper it actually sounds right. Cmario17 helps me too, but I'm usually on it myself. So to conclude my monologue, I would just like to tell you all that Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story is my FAVORITE MARIO GAME BY FAR and LUIGI IS BETTER THAN MARIO!! ( Sorry Mario fans, but I just had to say that...)