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Hey I am Boodaddy78. I Like luigi and waluigi the best because they are neglected charecters. My real name is Jacob. I am log on to the smashwiki as Falconpawnch so if any one wants to see the site heres the place=> Smashwiki


  • I am 14
  • I can clap with one hand
  • I have beat every mario game exept Super maario RPG
  • My Mario Kart DS Emblem Is A falcon

Mario games I have played

All Main series All 3D series All Gamboy ones All DS platformers and RPGs out now 4 Mario Partys 6,7,8, DS 1 Sports title MSB 6 Mario Karts 64,MKDD,MKW,MKDS,MKSC,MKAGP